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  • New single out ” The Breeze and the Curtain” with Bjarke Falgren & Sönke Meinen

    From the upcoming album “Postcard to Self” Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/the-breeze-and-the-curtain-single/1423527102?l=da Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4ERLZZnaCuYZSCKN3RyaNn?si=hV_o8isRQ_e1M4HXQFim8Q  

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  • Duo debut album release with Sönke Meinen coming up in September

    In the past two years, we met at my house which is an old schoolhouse in the danish countryside to write the music. Our music mixes folk influences with fingerstyle guitar, a pinch of film music (without a film yet) jazz and much more, we try to go new ways with the sound of a […]

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  • Prizewinner

    June the 25 th. 2017 Bjarke Falgren received the Ellen & Svend Asmussen Prize “To a promising jazz musician” at the Riverboat Jazzfestival in Denmark.

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  • New solo videos!

    Go to the video section to see and hear some of the recently recorded solo videos.

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