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Turn up the music and optimize the production

“When the soul is filled up, we begin singing” goes an old Greenlandic saying.

And it’s true – because in a world where we spend so much energy on keeping ourselves in shape and eating healthy, we tend to forget the spiritual dimension, offered to us by the art.

The music touches us

The music touches us, moves us, and inspires us to seek new challenges and improve ourselves. We get in contact with ourselves and our emotions – and this is where, with that contact established, that the creativity can blossom, and the good ideas emerge.

Only by including all these dimensions, we create that complete person, which can perform 100 percent.

I invite you on a journey into the music

I invite you on a journey into the music. Not to enjoy the music – of course that is also allowed! – but to let the music control the creativity and, with that, the productivity.

Today you maybe consult a coach, when you need to inspire and restructure. But instead, you could use me and my violin as a soulful and inspiring vitamin supplement, for instance for a day filled with seminars and talks, or as a separate presentation with focus on passion, creativity, improvisation, and communication.

I have many years of experience teaching composition and improvisation at several music academies, and I use the knowledge gathered from there to put focus on synergy, creativity, being able to listen and feel impulses, and how to transform these inputs into actual action.

The music can teach you to listen to yourself and others

The music can teach you to listen to yourself and others, secure concord between what you say, and the way it is perceived. In the language of music, we call that harmony!

Let the music speak; not so many words, not so much focus on how you, by using all sorts of models, can change how you do things in your work life – and in personal life.

The biggest changes in habits, personality, and life development often happen through love for another human being, or when we feel, that we are alive to such a degree, that we feel like getting a little more of it all.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everythingPlato


A session with Bjarke Falgren includes both a lecture, a concert and a dialogue. Any special request can usually be met.


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