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Postcard to Self – Out now!

Now available, follow the links to purchase/stream.


I expected the music to blow my mind. I expected you to be making amazing music, full of creativity, flowing with beauty, emotion and somehow calmness. You did it, and you’ve done it perfectly! I love this idea, this simpatico of creative minds and styles that compliment each other and raise each others’ level of excellence to a height rarely seen now. I hope to see the world discover that beauty in music is still here on Planet Earth and you two young men are sailing freely on the currents that flow between us and all that is possible! I salute you both! xxx TE “ 

Tommy Emmanuel

‘A Wonderful CD…full of texture, depth and intimacy and many new ways of looking at the art of the guitar, violin duo. I love it! Thanks guys.’

Mike Marshall

“Deep musicality and enviable virtuosity to create music of stunning beauty. Guitarist Sönke Meinen´s partnership with violinist Bjarke Falgren is a pure delight”

Martin Taylor

“Bjarke Falgren and Sönke Meinen play with a lightness and delicacy that one rarely hears. This album is filled with refinement and nuance. Postcard to self is a beautiful recording” 

Martin Hayes

“A combination of beautiful melodies and a great use of the violin and guitar that brings out all kind of different sounds. A pleasure to the ear!”

Adam Ben Ezra

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